33 weeks.

Update time.


For the past week or so I have finally “FELT” pregnant. Beyond the heartburn, I honestly can’t complain too much…yes, you can all hate on me. But it’s been fairly easy the last few months. I’ve been able to keep doing everything I would normally, same energy level for the most part, not really hindered in anyway…but lately, lord help me. Emptying the dishwasher is now an event I have to psych myself up for, my walk from the parking garage to my desk is feeling longer by the day, and I tried to help Pete rake the leaves and after about 5 minutes realize this task is way beyond me at this point. Suppose I’ll just have to suck it up for the next 7 weeks and actually let someone help me out once in awhile…what is this concept…i’m not sure I like this…

People who I don’t know have started commenting on my…ahem…”size”. Up until now, no one’s said anything, but now I get the rando’s asking me when I’m due or how much further I have to go…no strangers have attempted to touch this basketball yet though…let’s keep that going.

Nursery is slowly, but surely coming together! Short of me organizing where everything should go and hanging some things on the walls, we are good to go! You honestly could come tomorrow, but please don’t yet, and we’d be ok! Just give us time to try and figure out how to install this car seat thing…I have a masters degree and that lil seat sitting comfortably in its packaging is the most intimidating thing I’ve had to face in awhile…oh lord.

Begging to be washed...
Begging to be washed…


Only thing hung so far is this art from Kelly!
Only thing hung so far is this art from Kelly!
That basket belonged to my grandmother...don't pee on it kid.
That basket belonged to my grandmother…don’t pee on it kid.
Radar's keeping the chair warm til you show up.
Radar’s keeping the chair warm til you show up.
We gonna feed you and rock your butt to sleep here a lot.
We gonna feed you and rock your butt to sleep here a lot.

Gracie’s still waiting patiently for the kid to show up. She’s spending more time chewing a bone on my belly or resting her drooly head on me then ever before…think she knows somethings up, or her and the kid have some secret cosmic connection already…

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  1. Sara says:

    You look adorable! The fire station will install it for you 🙂 just stop in and they usually have a certified car seat installer available to do it for ya. And they’ll even show you how to put the kid in so you’re not figuring it out in the hospital foyer like we were haha.

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