Scottish Walk.

Since moving away from Old Town out to burbia…I realize how silly we were to not take full advantage of living blocks away from king street. Now, I’ll basically take any chance I can to get back to old town into our old stomping grounds, this weekend, that meant a scottish parade with bag pipes and scottish terriers…uh…yes please. Why did we not know about this before??

Apparently, Old Town Alexandria celebrates those in the area with Scottish heritage with a festive parade filled with bag pipes, kilts…duh, drums, scottish dogs, and a bunch of “clans” aka scottish families who had fancy flags and like walking in packs down the middle of the street one day outta the year. Little sad my family doesn’t have an excuse to do this…On top of this…the jaguar owners club of alexandria supplied a number of cars just for us all to look at and make ya feel bad about yourself for not being in this pretentious club…yes…you have an expensive car and how great that you allow us to look at it with our middle class eyes…thanks a heep.

P is already planning how he can participate next year…kilt potentially included.


Gracie thought SHE had it bad...
Gracie thought SHE had it bad…


This guy was there...
This guy was there…


Heartbreaker mini scott.
Heartbreaker mini scott.


I can think of about 6 more Forsyth's to add to this group!
I can think of about 6 more Forsyth’s to add to this group!
Bagpipe santa
Bagpipe santa

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  1. Poppa G says:

    Aye!! Don’t be daft mi in`ion alainn!! You and the wee bairn are of the Goggin (Cogan or Mac Cogadhain) clan now!!

    Take a look at to get started at just one of many sites that provide info about the Goggin clan!!

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