Baby class…

P and I took our first baby class on Monday night…our hospital offers (and by offers they mean provide so that you can pay a buttload for) a bunch of different “baby prep” classes for parentals to be aka US. They let you choose between separate classes or a rather painful and torturous 8 hour baby boot camp…we picked the 3 hour separate class. 8 straight hours of overwhelming information thrown at me from all angles in not the best way for me to comprehend information, I shall pass.

So, Baby Care it is. What did we learn in baby care? Honestly, not much more than I already knew…which was comforting! I’m not a complete idiot like the other couples in our class. Particularly the guy who couldn’t even figure out how to hold a FAKE BABY. How are you going to function when that perfectly quiet plastic, immobile baby starts moving and squirming and you can’t figure out how to hold the kid? Oh to be a fly on the wall when those guys bring the kid home…And to the couple that was clearly a mail order bride…spoke NO English and her husband was…shall we say…different, good luck to you.

P and I learned how to swaddle, diaper, deal with crying, sleeping expectations, and how to sponge bath our fake plastic white blue eyed baby. We watched hospital approved videos on the first few minutes after birth and dove a bit into the wonderful world of circumcision…sorry kid…you’ll thank us later on.

We left there feeling pretty confident in all areas minus car seats…those things…what the heck. We’re spose to try and install this on our own…stay tuned for the future post of how awful that will probably go.

All in all, it was a good experience. Do I know how to perform CPR on my kid? Anything about childbirth or how to emotionally keep my cool during those first crazy months? Nope…but I can swaddle and change the kids diaper now without breaking out into a cold sweat…so…thats progress…right? Agree with me on this.

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