Thanksgiving 2012.

How many miles did we travel? I kinda don’t even WANT to know. We started in Raleigh, went to NOVA, then to Purcellville, then to NOVA again, then to Maryland, then to Pennsylvania, then to maryland, then to our final resting place in NOVA. In 4 days. Phewwwwwww. Oh yea, 80% of this included puppy, making it twice the fun :).

This was our first Thanksgiving with puppy, there was no way we were not going to have her with us, so we made it work. We may or may not have used drugs to make the trips manageable for her and for us, but it was totally worth it :). This meant she got to spend lots of quality time with her lab bff Jake.

Thanksgiving day was spent with P’s family down in North Cackalacky, including a 8k run in the morning with 3,000 other motivated runners…me not included. I sat with puppy and cheered from the sidelines…that is where I belong…always :).

Love a good tongue in action shot.

Gracie and Ralphie…new best friends.

After the race, we headed over to prep dinner for 40. When I say prep, I mean P’s hard working family members who took care of it all planning, carving, and setting everything up. We lazily showed up, helped set some tables, and enjoyed the afternoon…don’t judge us :).

Beer in church….its fine.
Someones waiting for a cookie….

Turkey Carver # 1…the neat one who uses knives.
Carvers in action.
Turkey Carver number 2….manly “hands are tools” version.

After dinner concert by my 2 peanut nieces.

To ward off the food coma that was bound to occur after all that, we took pup on a post-turkey trot around the neighborhood.

On Friday, it was back to Virginia, where a friendly, and slightly intense touch football game was held…
… including an incredibly large chocolate turkey…I tried to eat the head off…it was hard and not hollow… It’s like having easter in november…I fully support this.

By the end of it, we were tired, stuffed,10 pounds heavier, and my car needed an oil change from all the travel, but we made it happen! Gracie may never get back in the car again though….

Bring it on Christmas.

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  1. Poppa G says:

    Lindsey! Loved this blog…both the pictures and your comments…hahaha! i.e. “I fully support this!!”

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