A big tree.

That’s what we were on the hunt for. Last year, we opted out of getting a Christmas tree since it was such a hassle with us living on the 6th floor of an unaccommodating apartment building. SO, that meant this year, we want a big one.

My parents have started going to this tree farm up in amish country Pennsylvania with big trees for 35 dollars, yes please, sign us up.

We piled into the car, and headed up the windy mountain to go cut us down some trees. Oh by the way, just to make it even more festive, it snowed. BEAT THAT.

Buggy, saw, ready to go!

Found one!
9 feet of Frasier fur gloriousness, you shall do.
Shaking off the loose needles.

Covered in sap, but happy with our picks!

Afterwards we went to Path Valley Family Restaurant, where I saw amish people with credit cards…HOW DOES THAT WORK?? Pennsylvania…you baffle me, but I do love your Christmas trees :). Thanks mom and pop for the fun afternoon!

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