Yes, I did that today, and most days. But, this past weekend, Baby Goggin was showered with gifts and love from some of our friends and family. Keeping with my adoration of all things british, some lovely ladies through me a shower at an adorable tea room in downtown Leesburg, VA. Will and Kate, although in paper form, even showed up. They got married on my birthday….the least they could do was show up to my baby shower too right? right.

We drank tea, ate yummy scones…which i took home to freeze, nibbled on mini pecan pies, and chatted just like the britty’s do. Probably a lil less civilized then them…but close enough for my book! Thank you thank you to everyone who helped put this on, came, and for being so sweet :)!

A baby is brewin…AND Peter rabbit? Just….love. Thank you Ginger for making these oh so sweet favors!!

Baby G’s car seat!

Hand knit blue sweater…i die.
Every baby needs a “Goodnight iPad” book. 😛
Robots on overalls. Stop.
Thats for dad.

This kid is loved already and he’s not even on the outside yet. He is way too spoiled and he hasn’t even made the big entrance yet, but I’m sure he’ll repay everyone back for their sweet generosity with drooly kisses and poopy diapers soon!

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