Color Me Rad.

No, not me please. Keep the colorful cornstarch away, but you feel free to color all those around me :). This past weekend, we scooted on down 95 south to spend the weekend in Raleigh, NC. On the agenda was to find a rocker for the nursery (check), hit up a giant junior league craft show type mega event (check), eat some grub (check), and test out how well Gracie did in the car with some dramamine-semi success on this one.

BUT, before we did all this. We stopped on over at the Color run to cheer on Pete’s cousins and Uncle get pelted with bags of colorful cornstarch. This happens all over the place these days, still not something I think I would EVER do, but hilarious to watch! I came away a little pink and dusty, but for the most part, avoided the big puffy clouds of color…

DONE! And Stylin.

Look at that pony…

At least her teeth are still white.

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