Pumpkin season.

Ok, so it’s been pumpkin season for awhile, but we finally just made it to our favorite pumpkin patch on steroids. Cox Farms is like what Matt Roloff envisions his farm to become, but just isn’t good enough :). Pumpkins, intense hay rides, corn “mazes”, slides, mechanical bulls (which apparently we missed!), free apple cider shots, food, kettle corn, animals, do I have to keep going? They have it ALL. Which is why all of NOVA goes there and is willing to pay the hefty entrance fee…we have no kids and we still go…lord help us when that changes.

But this doesn’t stop the boys from sticking their hands in the cage…no, it doesn’t.

There are some weird things in their corn maze….houses with weird plastic bugs on the walls, “monster” museums, school buses with lighy turny things in it, and then this…woody wood pecker.

Told ya it was huge…this is just ONE part.

Someone ate these…his name starts with an L and ends with an ‘eck’, they sit outside all day and get touched by 100s of snot nosed kids….ick.

“Free” mini pumpkins. Id like the whole batch please.

No matter how hard I try to find a cheaper alternative to this place…you keep sucking me back in…I wish I could quit you…yea, I went there.

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