Never a dull moment.

This week= roller coaster. Filled with events and situations I just simply am not fully equipped to deal with on my own, starting with my trip home from Chicago.

Apparently rain in Chicago= tornado warning. Therefore the O’hare airport must evacuate COMPLETELY. Meaning when I show up for my flight and the entire lobby is filled with all of the passengers attempting to make it through security….I shouldn’t be surprised, freaked, or cranky. I’ll give it to them, I got through pretty quickly, but that was just the start. A massively delayed flight out of Chicago meant no making any of my DC lay overs in Cincinnati, womp womp. Remember that I’m an ISTJ…and when things don’t go right or according to my plan…I crumble. Well…crumble happened.

Somehow I mustered up enough sense to reschedule my flight with the Delta person on the phone…but…neither of us mentioned or asked… that that rescheduled flight was from Cincinnati…not Chicago…where I stayed to have another night with Jo and go see Pitch Perfect in peace. Doh. Not figuring this out til the following morning, I was done. Stick a fork in me, hire me a private jet, and just get me home before i kill somehow…or get me the worlds largest cinnabon. STAT. Hubbin aka emotional life saver scored me a flight to Detroit then to DC, but of course this didn’t happen without boarding pass issues and sever confusion from the front desk clerks, but none the less…clearly i’m home. They even gave me one of my flights in first class….that’s right you did!…i never did get that cinnabon though…so…not a total win.

Scan to today. Puppy  has been having some not normal at all accidents in the house, originally I just thought it was her being depressed that I was gone for the weekend (im egotistical like that)…but then when she did it again today…somethings up. I then was able to connect some dots of some loving markings she’d left on our white couch…clearly they werent from her bleeding gums from chewing the elk bone for hours on end like I thought…not so quick on this one Goggin. One trip to the vet later and I have to go buy my dog pads….icing on my cheerful cake week :). Male dogs in the area, STAY AWAY!!

Weekend…be kind to me. I can’t take anymore surprises :).

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  1. Lisa says:

    Sorry the trip home was so tumultuous! Tucker’s not visiting for a while unless we want inbreeds. 😦 He wont be a threat in 3 more weeks… uh oh!

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