Sutton round 3.

Saturday night marked my 3rd time for seeing Sutton Foster in the flesh. Some might call this stalking if it weren’t for me consistently buying tickets to sit there and just have her charm me and serenade me.

I assumed she would sing many of the same songs she sang when I saw her almost two years ago, but I just couldn’t let her come to town and NOT try and see her. So I did :). I gave P the night off and had my mom come with me this time, you are welcome P :).

I’m not sure what was going on at Mason, but I’m pretty sure this event was part of a big donor shmooze fest because she was WAY more appropriate and not as charmingly inappropriate as I know she normally is….no pimp and ho cups this time around.

Also, she only sang for about an hour…this made me sad. BUT, she did bring her dog Linus…yes…her dog, out on stage to do some tricks. Adorable. AND she brought Megan McGinnis along to sing this lil number:

I was hoping for more Little Women action after that, but sadly no. Sigh.

All in all, you still slay me Sutton. Get back to broadway.


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