My dad’s in a band. Yes, a band. He’s been in many of bands throughout his years, but this past weekend we went to watch him in his latest band “Boomer”. They rocked out the Frederick Elks Club… people with moves you literally have NEVER seen before were dancing all night long. Sad to have missed it? It’s OK I took some videos to be able to share with you ALL.

My dad and brother got all the musical talent in this family. I hung up my saxophone at 13 and have yet to pick that sucker up…I’ll stick to the toe tap pin’ and leave this stuff to the professionals.

My dads the really cool drummer, boom boom chickin all night long. Have a wedding? Party? Need some sweet jams? Book Boomer. Get ready to jam!

I just keep thinking of the chipmunks during this one….im always so appropriate.

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