The era of elastic.

That my friends. Is where I am currently living. Elastic-world.

This past weekend I took the plunge and finally bought some maternity clothes. I’d been putzing around with the idea for a few weeks, but finally the time had come where it was a necessity and not just a “oh ill get this for when I need it”. Need it now.

Maternity clothes are fascinating and shopping for them is just as entertaining. I went to the outlets on sunday because they have a Motherhood Maternity store there and since I’ve been doing some extensive research I knew their prices weren’t ridiculous…I’m looking at you A Pea in the Pod…Not the most fashion forward of styles, but they would do.

Walk in the store and you are just surrounded with women of all different belly sizes. Those about to pop and have either outgrown everything they have or can’t stand to wear the same thing for the next however many days they have. Newbies who are so excited to buy anything baby related they are buying for the future. And then those of us in the middle, the 2nd tri-mies who are just getting our feet wet for what it feels like to not wear normal clothes anymore. And most of these women are UNHAPPY TO BE THERE. They are huffy and puffy and agitated with their husbands and shouting through curtains ” I LOOK FAT” and breathing heavily and sighing and just everything that screams “im cranky trying on this oversized sweater is doing nothing for me emotionally right now”. Makes for one enjoyable shopping excursion when you are by yourself and no ones around to be sarcastic and snarky with…

Now, I normally never try a darn thing on in the store, but at this stage, its a necessity. Had I not done so I wouldn’t of been completely entertained by the “belly pillow” they have in each room…I mean really…not only is this comical, but the pillow they have looks like a little balloon…not the baby sized stomachs I saw walking around that store, but whatever. I’ll give it to ya…and yes…i tried it on…so what, but that doesn’t mean it was helpful to me.

I’m not sure who decided this a long time ago, but someone must have decided that maternity clothes have to be boring and unflattering for the most part. Just because I’m pregnant does not mean I suddenly want to wear a shirt attached to a sweater, an ugly print, or wear polyester everyday of my life. I don’t need to have something that says “baby on board” or another cheesy preggo graphic on myself…people know you’re pregnant…they get it…they see it. Can’t you just make what I would normally buy with a lil belly room? Why does everything have to look so June Cleaver?

I wore maternity jeans for the first time yesterday. There is no turning back now. Buttons and zippers are no longer on my agenda for the next 4 months. Elastic is my new bff. The big panel thing that goes over your stomach is…something else. For now, it just makes the top of my jeans saggy, but im sure in the future, this thing will be the greatest thing ever invented in my mind. Elastics, and panels, and tank tops under everything, and belly-bands, and lions and tigers and bears. There needs to be a class on this and I need to sign up for it.

If I had a million dollars and could walk into Rosie Pope and just go cray cray, that’d be amazing, but because I am practical to a fault, I shall live in the world of motherhood maternity, gap, and old navy for the next few months. Avoiding shirt/sweater combos and silly graphic tee’s all along the way :).

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  1. Sara says:

    Aww so exciting!!! 🙂 You need to check out h&m maternity. Their stuff is cute and trendy and inexpensive. It’s not the best quality, but none of the maternity stuff (besides gap & the more expensive stuff) is & you only need it a few months anyway! And be glad your elastic belly will be when it’s cold out 😛

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