Best Virginia vs West Virginia

JMU “played” WVU at Fed Ex this past saturday. I say “played” because honestly, WVU paid JMU to come up here and play in the big redskins stadium and let them whip up on them for a few quarters. Within the second snap one JMU player was already down and headed to the locker room probably to never play football again, hope it was worth it Mr. Matthews. Honestly, had JMU not been so stupid and incapable of only having 11 men on the field (several times) the game might have just been a little closer than 42 to 12. In this score is 2 points that we got by getting a SAFETY on them…a SAFETY!!!?!?! You let JMU get a SAFETY on you? As Daffy Ducky would say…dissssspicable. (That is Daffy right?)

The game wasn’t close at all yet WVU found it super important to keep their first string in the game all the way until the 4th quarter and obnoxiously cheer and rant over the littlest things against us. You’re in the Big 10…you should beat us…you paid to beat us…what the heck guys. I had zippo expectations of us winning this game, but it would have been AWESOME to see a field of sad, sappy, hicky west virginia fans crying back to their cars. Similar to that Tech experience a few years ago :). Specially after your fans boo-ed our band…which is un-boo-able, 100X better than your band, and not even a part of the game!! Get ovah yo self.

I’m ranting.

The best part about the day was clearly the tailgating which included chik fil-a platters, nibbles, and brownie bites. Nom nom nom. Oh and we went with these two characters:

In typical JMU fashion…there were streamers thrown.

Still…to see JMU play and have the Duke Dog prance around an NFL stadium…was pretty sweet. Let’s do that again soon and win next time.

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  1. Lisa says:

    love. characters? yes. but you’re in the cast too my dear!

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