Some of your loot.

Gymnastic baby living inside of my stomach. People like you already. They like you enough to already send you gaggles of gifts, making our inbox full everyday! Yes, mom and dad have spoiled you a bit as well, but you are just gonna make so many new friends as soon as you pop out it’s a ri-donk-ulous.

Here’s just a snapshot of SOME of the fun things you get to enjoy in 4 wee months. And yes, that First Eagles Tee is from your pops.

Puppy feet furry coat thing from P-Pat. Gahhhhhhh.

From your dad….you won’t wear this til next fall, so maybe by then I can swing you towards another team 🙂

The lil peacock will entertain you for hours whilst you dribble in your car seat, Thank you Nana and Grandad Merchant! And the sweet print and hipster tshirt is a gift from your Auntie Kelly all the way from Chi town!

Lord knows we have a lot of work to do to continue to prep for you, but at least we know you will a. not be naked and b. be entertained 🙂