This past weekend my mom and I shuttled ourselves up to NYC for a long weekend of show tunes, shopping, and walking. I figured I exercised enough this weekend to last me at least a week without guilt…maybe 2.

For this trip, we wanted to do something different. So we traveled all the way down to the 9/11 memorial. Not even really thinking about the fact that on Tuesday it’s really 9/11 and this may be a popular site for people…

We waited…and waited…and weaved through queue’s just to go through airport tight security…and of course, there are those fun people who clearly have never traveled before and “oops i forgot i have this pocket knife in my 1 of 80 pockets”…thanks for that.

Adding to my list of things I’d never seen before with my own two eyes was the Brooklyn Bridge…yes…it’s that pathetic. Even though i saw this whizzing by in a cab…I can check this one off my list!

And because I keep it real. Here’s a goofy picture of me with a puppet/muppet type thing. Apparently you can make your own muppets at FAO Schwartz…the temptation was through the roof…but honestly, do I really need a muppet that looks like myself? Internal thoughts: yes…yes I do…External thoughts: that’s a bit creepy and off putting. Sadly, i didn’t come home with a lindsey like puppet to scare the dog…or P.

And just for your own personal information. Do not take a pedicab in NYC…like ever. It was raining on saturday night and we had about 10 blocks or so to walk to our theater…well…after a long day of walking we thought this may be a nice alternative. Ahem. Note to self: ask for prices before participating in something. Apparently these suckers are $3 a block…PER PERSON. Ya’ll are smart people and can do the math on that one…but you can probably imagine our faces when we thought a nice $15 fee was going to cover it and he told us something completely different…we ate pizza that night :).

I love you NYC. But you tire me out. Specially whilst carrying a 12oz energy sucker in my stomach. But, hopefully we shall meet again soon!

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