2 for 1.

Thank you Broadway Week 2 for 1 special. You made our weekend in NYC extra extra enjoyable. And made me feel a bit on the broadway bipolar side. The 2 shows we saw honestly could not have been more different. I finally was able to catch this years Tony Winner for Best Musical Once (based off the academy award nominated film) and yes, I’m admitting this Bring it on the musical. Yes. admitting.

First up: Once.

If you get the chance to see this show, don’t show up late. Not even for a minute. Show up at 7:30, 30 minutes before show time. And if you can afford it, get tickets for the orchestra. They set up a bar on the stage which you can go up on and ORDER FROM. Not just that, the cast comes out about 20 minutes before show time and rocks out some of the craziest, most awesome folky/irish/jiggy music you’ve ever heard. These people are unreal. Sometimes playing the fiddle and keeping the beat beating a box with their other foot…I can barely pat my head and rub my belly at the same time. Makes sense why they are on broadway and I am not.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for a long time now, but seeing it live and hearing the instruments in person is a whole new level of enchantment. Steve Kazee’s voice is just pure irish butter. Butter….true…true…butter. You get so sucked in that you don’t even realize new instruments start playing until your ears are filled with deliciousness. Mmm…this is good stuff.

And yes, this is a story about a hoover fixer (vacuum mechanic) and a very serious czech girl who plays the piano and lives with her crazy czech family. And yes it’s funny. And yes it’s good. And yes you need to go.

Night 2: Bring it On the Musical.

Ok….freely admitting, I still love this movie. BUT, this is from my generation, so get off it. Just like I still admit to liking Nsync and the Spice Girls…It’s who I am. BUT, the only reason I gave this show a try was because it was produced and written by Lin Manuel-Miranda, creator and actor of In the Heights the musical. If you follow my spotify you know I jam to his beats a lot.

I expected to sit there and watch Torrence Shipman take her Torro’s and try and beat up on the rival high school just like in the movie. Nope, wrong-o. New names, new schools, new plot-line…actually…a better one. Torrence…aka Campbell Davis is yes a perky, blonde, cheerleader looking to become captain of her squad. She brings on her cute little neighbor as the new member of the squad and eventually her world is rocked. She’s transferred to another “inter-city” high school Jackson and due to a number of coincidental circumstances, this lil neighbor Eva becomes captain of the squad while Campbell’s struggling over at Jackson High. Things happen, girls get thrown in the air, dancing, jamming out, it’s truly engaging right from the start. You learn to love Campbell, feel bad for her, think she’s a biyah, love her again, and in the end, it obviously leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. That’s just the bway way. Lin Manuel has turned this movie and really made it into a really great show that is perfect for maybe some of the younger, first timer crowds, but honestly…there were WAY MORE adults than young ins in the audience…Torro’s fans unite together :). And just cuz I’m fair…they did drop one stunt…one…outta 100…I think i’ll give them a break on that one. Cuz I’m nice.

This one may not stick around for too long sadly, but if you do get the chance and can get over the fact that this is yes a cheerleader musical…you honestly will enjoy every second.

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