Wee one.

Finally finally finally, this day has arrived! 20 weeks I’ve been waiting to find out what you are wee one, 20 weeks! That is a ridiculous amount of time….to think we have to wait another 20 weeks until you come is too much, so i’m going to focus just on this milestone right now.

And because God has a sense of humor and knows how anxiously excited I was to find out what you are, he made us have to wait an hour past my appointment time…thanks God, always welcoming those humbling moments of yours :P. 20 weeks wasn’t enough, let’s add another hour of leg shaking, finger tapping, and blood pressure raising on top of it.

Lather on the warm blue gue (which for some reason gets everywhereeeeeeee) and we sat down for our favorite tv show, 10 minutes of YOU. You wiggled. You flipped. You went from one end to the other; impressing…and shocking the tech at how squirmy you were…it was probably the dunkin donuts fault…but, hey, it got ya moving! It was slightly humorous watching her try and keep up with you…obviously we think this means you are extra gifted…clearly…cuz we’re your parents, and we are not rational people.

I think you have inherited your mothers “who-ville /ski slope/incredibly cartoonish” nose. And your pops really long arms…because those things are long.

But even after all that time that we waited, in a matter of minutes…Finally we knew. Finally we know.

Baby Goggin Gender Reveal

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