What did I just watch?

So, I know its September and the Hunger Games crazies happened in March, but we’re slow around here. I finally sat down to watch this supposedly epic action movie about the heroine Katniss Everdeen…and ya know what my final thought was after this movie?

What the heck was that about??

This futuristic (but spose to look old timey in some districts) i guess country? is made up of 12 district now bc they ticked someone off in the past, so I guess in order to “control order” in these districts they have what they call “the hunger games”. But, why are they called the hunger games?? I only caught onto a few references about a food shortage, and if you steal food your name gets put into the drawing more times? But, none of the people in this movie looked to be starving…so sure. I’ll play along with this.

So, you pick 1 guy and 1 girl from each district, shuttle them off to the Capitol where everyone is pasty white, wears pastel/neon makeup and funny hair. K…

Theres a lot of hooplah, ramp up, and apparently this is all to get sponsors…yet the only person sending Katnis anything in that place is the mentor…who woulda sent her stuff anyways…but sponsors…sure…ill stay play along. So to do this they set her “on fire”. Clever.

So basically, what I took away from the hunger games is it’s an action version of that movie “Ed TV” with Jim Carey where they watch everything he does and blast it on TV along with a Gladiator type version of Harry Potters Twizard Cup…throw in some  fake made for tv romance, some animalistic human behavior, and a random warthog type dog thing and you have the movie.Clearly theres more to it than this, but having just seen the movie and not reading the book…this is what I have to work off of.


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