The worst thing to shop for when you’re feeling indecisive…

A crib.

Why? Because  they all basically look a like…give or take tiny little detail and changes here and there. And then you have to decide if you want this ever changing furniture to transition to a big “toddler bed” OR maybe even go one step further to being a big adult full bed…But also note, you’ll pay for the conversion kits for all of these things. Dear lord.

The other problem? they’ll all “do the job”… it’s not like one holds the kid better than the other, it’s really just about the look of it…grumble grumble.

The questions in my head…

Do I want it to convert? Eh, probably.

Do I like rounded ones? Square ones? Sleigh ones? I like the one that calls to me and says “pick me”.

Jordan crib shot

Do I want it in white, ivory, or cherry? well…it depends on the day. And pottery barn is apparently switching from their standard “antique white” to “simply white”….am i buying a wedding dress again?? i just want a crib!

Full back or slats on the back? Do I feel like digging under the crib the pick up pacifiers every night? eh…probably not…but sometimes the full back looks so bulky…

Danny crib shot

Do I want to spend a small fortune on a bed for a 9 lb sleeping, eating, pooping thing? … nope….but the extra pricey one can be the kids bed til College…GAHH.

The choices are endless, round feet? square feet? decorative accents on the wood? plain? UGH.

And then…the ever annoying question of “to bump or not to bump”. In my head, if bumpers were really that bad, NO ONE WOULD SELL THEM ANYMORE. How else are you supposed to keep those tiny hands and feet from getting stuck in between the slats? Yes, baby will probably be bumpless for the first few months, but after that? it’s all too much. But then if i do bump, ill be see as the baby killing mother who like pillowy things….the mommy guilt begins already.


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  1. Lisa says:

    it does sound like buying a wedding dress all over again, or planning a whole wedding! Heck, youre planning your child’s sleeping arrangement for the rest of hi/her life, and you know what happens when you dont get a good night sleep… you dont get into college! haha. (more sarcastic mommy guilt).

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