Bell pepper.

…or a sweet potato…or a mango. It depends which tracker I’m reading. That’s what size this kiddo is about now.It’s eyes and ears are finally where they are supposed to be (apparently) and this lil squirm can apparently recognize light. Baby genius in the making.

Baby genius is still gender neutral for 2 more weeks, then we can stop referring to baby g as an “it”. It’s too reminiscent of the Addams Family or something…

What size am I right about now? Meh, about the same, except this showed up yesterday…Outta no where, we have poppage….Took ya long enough!

That’s either baby or way too much chipotle…I’ll let you be the judge. Judge nicely.

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  1. Lisa says:


  2. Sara says:

    Ahhh what a cute lil baby bump!!! We can’t wait to hear boy or girl!

  3. Lauren Ruane says:

    Oh pookie you look beautiful with your little baby bump;0)

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