Puppy sleepover.

Gracie’s having an extended sleepover this weekend with her BFF for life Bella. Bella’s been staying with us all weekend and I am going to cry when she leaves, as will puppy, she cried when I took Bella to pet smart for an hour…this may not be good.

Not only does she entertain my dog and exhaust her hours and hours out of the day, my hands and scratch free legs are so thankful for this. But she keeps this wild animal in check… I love her, please don’t go. I may need to work a deal with Bella’s mom to rent Bella when Baby G comes along to soften the blow…

She also doesn’t get pukey in the car so we took a trip to pet smart yesterday…gracie cried when we left for an hour…I’m not looking forward to what happens tomorrow night when Bella goes back home for good…

Bella’s more of the watch from above type…not much of a “do-er”…how can we make our pup adopt that philosophy…

Puppy parties…gotta love them.

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  1. Chris Harmon says:

    Bella’s behavior is age-appropriate, as is Gracie’s. Remind yourself of the country song so goes “you’re gonna miss this”. The puppy stage will be over before you know it. Chris H

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