Seeing SF in row DD.

Whilst stalking my number one belter and favorite family friendly sitcom leading lady on twitter…I came across a not so widely publicized mini tour she’s doing this fall…and for once…the stars align in my favor.

2 tickets. 4 rows back. And since I tear up at somewhat sappy commercials these days…I’m sure it’s gonna be epic. EPIC. ( Ya’ll remember what happened last time….here’s hoping this time I don’t say something stupid again…I should start planning for this…

The only person this excites today is me….but BAM. Good day. GREAT day.

Ms. Foster, I’ma comin for ya!

Sutton Foster in The Scarlet Pimpernel

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  1. Anne fortier says:

    You are her new Hubble. Take her out for a martini and she may marry u!!

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