Baby G can now hear my voice, according to my daily/weekly update apps. Sorry P, I can’t help it if I influence our kid to like musicals and folk music before you get the chance to inundate it with gangster rap and crazy techno beats :).

15 weeks and counting. And still…I look no different than I did 15 weeks ago…cept for the excessive stuffy nose, sleepy tired look, and a caffeine- free beverage permanently attached to my hand. Either I have the longest torso on the planet and baby G has more space than it knows what to do with or there’s an alien baby in there whose gonna be 5’3 red haired and green eyed.

I’m ready for you to make your presence known lil one, then maybe people would stop offering me beers and forcing me to turn them down šŸ™‚

Baby G= Size of an apple.

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  1. Poppa G says:

    I love your equation: Baby G = 1 Apple

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