A surprise.

Together with our pals, P and I threw my MnL a rather shockingly successful surprise party over the weekend. I say shockingly successful because not only did we stump, surprise, shock, and completely gob smack (british term look it up) my MnL, but we sorta managed to do it all at the last minute… :). Not that we got all 50 people together at the last minute, we managed to get that invite out a month ago, but that we some how got our acts together and everything fell into place was just a miracle :). Probably because we all managed to work together to make this a success!

Nothing fancy, just food, mingling, margs (ahem…not me), laughter, and some tears as our church community gathered together to thank her for all her contributions and to wish her luck as she moves on south.

The reason I know it was a complete complete surprise? MnL showed up to the house with a. no make up on b. no EARRINGS on and c. with intentions to stay for one drink and leave. WRONG-O 🙂


Boom.Yup. We did.Friends came from near and far.

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