My most important picture…to date.

Well little one. You are making your presence known. Up until now, you’ve just been this thought in the back of my mind, or an aversion to guacamole, or a bed time of 9pm. I know you’re there, but it was hard to really picture you as a person when every image so far that i’ve seen is a line (ahem fetal pole if im being technical)…or a somewhat ‘baby type’ thing outline on the ultrasound machine in the doctors office.

But today, for the first time, we saw YOU. It was the greatest feeling in the world, laying on a really awkwardly shaped blue bed, with extra warm sonogram goop on my stomach as our sweet asian ultrasound tech pushed and encouraged you to move around. You jerked, you shook, you waved, you kicked…you did human things! I didn’t feel a darn thing yet…but soon oh so movey and squishy little one, we will! I found myself just staring in amazement that in just this short amount of time, you’ve gotten to be “so big”…and by so big i mean 2.5 inches long and roughly weighing 2 ounces…Being a 9lb heifer at birth myself, i know that numbers just going to balloon day by day.

I probably could have stared at you for hours, is there a closed circuit channel or something to make that happen? We don’t have another greeting for another 7 weeks, but by then you’ll certainly let us know about who you are (open those legs please)…but for now, we love the jerky, movey, wavey, button nosed nugget that you are :).

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