Elevator Etiquette.

I am a strong believer in the unwritten rules of the world. The rules people just know and learn as they go through life. Today, I came face to face with someone who apparently has never ridden an elevator before.


Standing waiting for the elevator in the lobby of my office building, patiently waiting, no different than any other day. Girlfriend with no top on her tea (gross…germs get in there woman when you walk by people, cover that up) rudely cuts me off and walks onto the elevator first as if i pushed the button just for her.

Now… I feel as if there is an unwritten rule about waiting for elevators. The person who was there first (me in this situation), who pushed the button…should get to enter the elevator first (unless your on opposite sides waiting for one elevator in a mass of elevators and the one in front of you just happens to open first…then I say…OK…) but when we are waiting for the SAME one and you brush right past me as if I was just hanging out for my own health, that’s what I call poor elevator etiquette.

Lord knows I’m probably the only person on the planet who thinks this way, but after years of working in office buildings…this is the theory I have come up with. Nothing is more awkward than ticking someone off whom you have to ride in a tiny lil box with up who knows how many floors for the next minute or so…and what about if you get stuck in there for hours together? It could happen.

Think about this next time you find yourself in this situation…clearly it’s very important to some people 🙂

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