Da Beach.

I love it. Love love love it. When you’re at the beach, its acceptable to eat massive donuts many days in a row and at all hours of the day. It’s acceptable to eat too many hushpuppies. It’s acceptable to nibble on twirlers all day. It’s acceptable to sit in a chair and stare and people watch for HOURS on end. And it’s acceptable to indulge in ice cream even though you just ate your weight in lobster roll and hushpuppies…people don’t judge, because they are all doing the same thing. My type of place.

We went to Nags Head this weekend to celebrate the wedding of an old neighbor of mine. P and my parentals drove down on Friday and soaked in as much beachess as possible in one short weekend. I’d never been to this part of OBX before so I was excited for the new experience.

Not only were we there to eat, swim, get sandy, and be lazy, but it was also my parents 30th wedding anniversary along with my dads big 62. Too many big milestones in one weekend. The only milestone I achieved was eating 5 Duck Donuts in 24 hours…if you’ve had one you know thats a big deal. Them suckers are hearty.

So, to celebrate these events, I made my parents awkwardly do a mini-photo session on the bay. Good spirits…as long as I didn’t make it last too long :), aint they cute?

P.S P, stop letting me leave vacations without taking pictures of the 2 of us…this is getting ridiculous!! 🙂

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