The newest member…


Of the family has arrived officially! We celebrated my cousins wedding to his new bride over fathers day weekend at a castle…a CASTLE! Next to a major interstate…it’s curious what you find just off and to the right in some towns I tell ya.

We soaked up as much family time as possible with a fancy rehearsal dinner complete with candies of my cousins face on it…clearly i turned this into as many games as possible…table hockey…pogs…and then i just ate his face…it’s cool. I may or may not have also told the story about the time he woke up in the middle of the night and…well…ya had to be there to hear the full tale :).

Welcome to the family C!

Oh yea…they had a hawk deliver the rings….normal. 🙂

take my camera. this is what you get.

sometimes i wonder about this one…