From T to E.


The sweetest southern wedding i’ve ever been to. I was so fascinated by all of the details, thats basically the only pictures I took. I didn’t even really do them justice. But, to see the full wedding from start to finish, head on over to Lisa’s perfect wedding photographers blog, they’re swoon worthy.

This wedding screamed southern, classy, JMU, and love. It was so sweet. Have I mentioned how sweet it was? Mostly, because the two getting married are some of the nicest people I know. Makes it easy. Lisa had a monogram at every angle…i think it was to remind her that she is now LME not LMT anymore :).

It may have taken us 4 hours to get down there (to only go 40 miles…), we may have been 30 minutes late to the ceremony, but…we made it and I wouldn’t of put up with that traffic for just anyone!

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  1. Lisa says:

    You are the sweetest Linds! I love seeing your pics and am so glad you were a part of our big (and scorching hot) day! XOXO

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