Living in the stoneage.


The updates I have are many.

2 weddings.

Gracie in the dirt and then the aftermath….its too much.

And something else fun on the side.

But, they are all stuck on my camera, because we have been without power since Friday night. It went off right in the middle of the girls gymnastic olympic trials….crushing. Right in the middle of rotation 3…BIG DEAL. Ugh. I haven’t even googled to see who won…it annoys me too much I didn’t get to watch it for myself….#whitegirlwhine.

Having no power is annoying yes, but having no power with a big shaggy dog in 99 degree weather…is unlivable. We’ve been the nomadic goggins since then. I give props to my dog for putting up with being shoved in the car and escorted from house to house. I promised her a big fat bone at the end of this if she just continued to not drive me nuts. So far so good.

Thanks hubbin for the ice cream, shuttles to air conditioning, and the attempts at finding a kiddie pool on a weekend like this.

Dear power, we miss you.

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