The coaster.

Last night it took me an HOUR to get from my house to Falls church. This should only take 20 minutes. This town….geez.

As I was fuming in traffic, I got stuck behind the one person in traffic that drives me to insanity. Someone who I affectionately call….The Coaster. Ya’ll know the coaster. Some of ya’ll might BE the coaster.

The coaster is that person in traffic who not only doesn’t go up to the next car all the way, but they wait to give themselves “more driving space” while I sit behind them shaking my fists of fury. For some reason the coaster hates to hit their brakes, therefore they will go slower than dirt, letting countless people get in front of them, just so they don’t have to hit the brake. WHY!? I know that little bit of road isn’t that much and it makes you feel like you’re driving more or whatever, but when you’re sitting on the highway, that extra 5 feet is a BIG deal to me. BIG.SO MOVE IT.

Coast your little car on up to the guy in front of you would ya!


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