I knew it would happen.

As soon as I saw that Memphis was coming to the Kennedy Center, my first instinct was…don’t buy tickets, you’ll be disappointed. See, thing is. I’ve seen Memphis probably about 20 times (thank you netflix)….I know it so well it’s disgusting. My obsession with how Montego Glover plays Felicia is unhealthy. I knew that no matter who it was who played the part, i’d be disappointed and the entire experience would be ruined. I was right. Oh…so right.

Last night, P and I were lucky ducks and got last minute FREE tickets to go see the show at the Kennedy Center. I know, you’re thinking “Lindsey, stop being so damn snooty and just enjoy the free show”….sorry I can’t do that.

I tried to have an open mind…but…woof. Just woof. I know it’s a national tour and all, but national tours are normally cast by the understudies or swings from Broadway….so expectations for these are spose to be high. The actress who played Felicia, played her as if she was a slow talking, overly confident, boring and mature woman. Felicia is spose to be a wide-eyed, energetic, romantic who you could ACTUALLY believe would fall in love with someone like Huey. It just wasn’t there for me. Girlfriend could sing, girlfriend just couldn’t act. Sorry. She was simply not genuine in her portrayal  in everything she did, just didn’t translate.

Now, the actor who played Huey…blew me away. I also have a weird obsession with how Chad Kimble portrays Huey, often times when it’s replicated it simply fails. This guy, was on point. I may even go as far to say he was a better singer than Chad, crazy talk…just crazy talk. AND, Huey’s mother was played by the woman who voices Baby Bop…from Barney…that tripped me up. Confession: yes, i know who baby bop is…and yes i’ve seen it…yes i was too old to watch it in it’s prime…but i still did…OK!

I’m sure if I didn’t have the entire thing memorized, I may have enjoyed it more. It’s still a highly energetic show with amazing songs and staging. But, this was a time when the national tour simply let me down. I’ve seen a lot of national tours, and this one…just didn’t have it all there. Shucks.

P.S Since when are we putting twitter handles in Bios in playbills??? Fascinating.

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