P’s birthday is TODAY. To celebrate that in the normal way that 27 year olds do…we went to play laser tag. Not just any laser tag, laser nation. Yes, Laser nation. I had lots of fun photos of this event…but i have seem to have lost the memory card for this event…scuze me while i scream via symbols (*(#&$KSJDKJSD!!!!*&#$*&). I’m mostly mad because I had photo documentation of myself taking first place out of all of the smelly, pimply teenage kids…that’s right, those years of working at West World Laser Tag have paid off for something!! First place at the shooting a blinking light at a blinking vest goes to ME.

I could of shown you the hurricane wind machine…because i don’t think you’ll believe me when I say we (by we i mean Leck) paid 2 dollars to stand in a hurricane simulation tube…aka a high powered fan that just blows your hair around quite a bit. But, now you just have to hear about it…boring.

Between the snarky comments from the smelly teenagers in their dark shirts (harry potter represented fully), the gaggle of teenage girls who refused to leave each others side, and the oh so early 2000’s decor of laser nation…it certainly felt like old times working AYCP at Putt Putt…cept they didn’t offer a free hot dog and a drink with the event…LAME. Proof that we were/are better.

So kids, feel like exerting some energy making teenagers mad for being better at them even though you don’t come every friday and saturday night in the summer? head on over to laser nation…it’s a hoot.

Oh and P popped one of the kids balloons, because he was clearly cheating trying to cover up his gun. He got reported for being a “bully”. That’s just what 27 year olds do :).

Happy birthday P!


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