GF to the Farm.


We treat our dog like she’s a real live person. Thankfully were not alone in this. We took GF to the Frying Pan Animal Farm with some of our other animal obsessed friends. Clearly, this is exactly what gracie wanted to be doing on a 90 degree, blistering hot day in May. Not staying at home in her nice cool cage with her peanut butter filled pink kong…outside with animals is what she wanted to do instead.

Gracie and her new bff for life Harper, the boston terrier, enjoyed a lovely afternoon of pestering animals and panting to death. Gracie…you still having the stamina of a pathetic lil pip squeak, this is you crashing and burning after 5 minutes of walking…

Honestly….you’re spose to be a Golden Retreiver… you princess.

We’re not normal dog owners. We put you on tractors. We lift you up like you care about seeing the animals…we take you to animal farms?? Whats next, trips to get your nails done or days at the doggie day spa?

Needless to say…this dog got raunchy, dirty, gross at the farm. In the blue bath of shame she went…


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