2 months.

Dear GF:

You’ve been here 2 months today…has it really only been 2 months?? You’re just as adorable as ever…except for when you are attacking my hands, face, legs, knees, clothes, pillows, couch, wires, people…We know you’re “Teething”….but cmon…enough already? It’s a good thing you’re cute…a very good thing.

You ate a dead baby bird this month. We thought you’d die. Clearly you’re still OK with your little stomach of iron. Since then, I’m pretty sure that you can eat whatever you want within reason and be just fine…

Walking? Good on a leash, but your stamina is pathetic. You will run around forever in the backyard, but how dare I ask you to walk around the block without stoping to pant and sleep under the trees…really…whats wrong with me.

Your first car trip was a mild success…with only just under 10 pukes both ways…please tell me you grow outta this :)…please…pretty please? You’re meeting new people all the time, you totally fool them into thinking your a good dog by not biting and nipping at them until they go crazy. Apparently, you like putting on a good show :).

You look like an awkward teenager with long beefy legs and really big feet. I know this is just going to get more hilarious before you even out…i’m going to enjoy taking as many pictures of this awkward stage of yours for a long long time :). It’s ok, we still love ya. People think you’re a boy…i think its your turquoise and green collar…in the market for a more feminine version…im not sure your personality screams pink…but it would give mom a good chuckle.

Just a small list of the things you’ve gotten into:

– my comforter…its better with the big whole in it anyways

– the dryer vent contents outside…gross

-the big hole you’re digging behind the AC

-every flower or leaf in sight

-1 skirt, 1 of pops shirt, hole in jeans

– the butter dish…including all the butter

– guacamole

– the cake from the fridge…perfectly placed at your tongue height…we clearly did this for you to eat it

You turn 4 months old in just a little over a week…lord only knows what other little excitements you will continue to bring us…


your favorite nipping cushion

P.s. Thanks for waking me up every morning at 5:45 now…its not like i enjoyed when you slept til 7:30…5:45 is way better.

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  1. Tom Goggin says:

    Wow! That last sentence about being woken up @ 5:45 AM really got me. Our Toby is getting old and sleeps in until 6:30!! Pics are really cute!!

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