Week 22: MPH


The journey towards the masters degree is now OVER. 46 credits (somehow i went one over, id like that extra 1,000 back…thanks) done, accomplished, finished, no more. Hallelujah, free at last, free at last, FREE AT LAST.

A lot of things happened to me since starting school, basically the entire beginning of my adult life has been spent in Ross Hall. I moved out of my parents house, I met P, P and I started dating, I started working at Booz, I worked at 5 different project sites, I moved to 2 diff apartments in the same building, P and I got engaged, we got married, we moved to old town, went to St. Kitts and Jamaica, 4 thanksgivings, 4 christmases, we got the pup, we moved to suburbia, we joined Costco…you get the idea. It’s been a LONG time.

People have been asking me what I’m going to do with all my free time now that schools over… I think my answer is just be lazy for awhile :). Experience what it’s like to be an adult with a job without having to go to school. Enjoy NOT having to pay a steep tuition payment 2 times a year. Enjoy not having to do homework on sundays during football games in the fall. Take vacations during the year just because we can! Not be stressed about finals and presentations around the holidays…and maybe sometimes ill just stare at the degree on my wall (once it comes) and sigh big big sighs of relief.

GWU-SPHHS, im not sure that i’ll miss you, but i will miss that feeling of belonging that comes with being enrolled in a school, and the 15% discount at Jcrew…. That sense of common struggles and frustrations among my classmates during finals and presentation time. But…come Fall when i’m not trekking back into Ross Hall for 14 more weeks of hell…i’m sure i’ll forget all about that :), thanks for the teachin’. Goggin Out.  (http://gwired.gwu.edu/audio/gwfightsong.mp3)

So raise high the Buff (BUFF!)
Raise high the Blue (BLUE!)
Loyal to GW

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