5 weeks.


Thats how long we’ve been doing this painting project in the kitchen. Now, you must be thinking…”it took you 5 weeks to paint”. We’ll…technically yes… But we didn’t just paint the walls, but sanded cabinets, and painted them…apparently taking cabinets from dark wood to white takes awhile…3 weeks or so…when you only have time to do one coat every x number of days…

Im putting myself to sleep just typing this. I dont like reading about other peoples home improvement projects, the only people who care are the people who put in the effort, but i thought i would share one tid bit of a lesson learned (consulting speak).

Lesson Learned 101 in the Kitchen Re-do from Hades

Make sure you buy the right hinges for when you eventually have to put the doors back on…and dont just think any ole pretty hinge with work…because… oh no…they don’t. It took us 3 tries to figure this lil brain buster out…curse you hinges…i hate you.

Thankfully we got our brains wrapped around this concept before 45 people embark on our household this weekend. Oh heavens.

Oh and just for a tickle, i measured the draw pulls wrong…now we get to fill those holes back in…so those are…well…not on yet :).

Where is Ty Pennington or the Property Brothers when ya need them?

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