A weekend in cville.


I love it there. It’s quiet. It’s pretty. Pretty dress nice. They treat you nice. And it’s surrounded by mountains, wineries, and breweries. I dig it.

This past weekend I travels down 29 to Charlottesville to spend the weekend celebrating my lil grand lil lisa whose getting marred in a month…baffles my mind that THAT is actually happening.

Her sister and her maids went above and beyond in planning her the perfect weekend including:

  • The worlds most perfect pottery barn house
  • Awesome food and festive drinks
  • Personalized videos and games
  • Wineries and picnics
  • Surprises at every corner
  • And enough laughter and “tee hees” to fill the country side

Here are just a few snippets from my cville 24 hours

…What’s a bachelorette weekend with out just a lil bit of blushing?? 🙂

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