I might vomit.


Why oh why, crazy blogger are you so nervous? The day i’ve been dreading, preparing for, study for, agonizing over, (you get the point)…is just 3 days away. 3 short days. Actually it’s probably 2.5, which is even worse.

Thesis presentation week is finally here. The moment the ALS walk ended on Saturday…nerves have been flooding through my blood. Thoughts of “Oh crap, you actually have to do this now…it’s not just a future happening, it’s HERE”. I’m completely distracted this week, expect nothing from me…cuz…you won’t get it. I’m literally a walking “zombie of nerves”.

I’m a pretty bad presenter. My voice shakes. I talk fast. I forget my train of thought. I choke. I get cold sweats. Hands get clammy. It’s bad, but before, it hasn’t been THAT big of a deal. I can get through class presentations, but this beast…this is for the big ticket item. This is the last step between me and finishing and getting that oh so expensive piece of paper. I could die right now just thinking about it. Dramatic much?

The papers done. The notes are ready. The slides are submitted…all that’s left is for me to talk about it…for 10 minutes…thats it you idiot, its only 10 minutes, chill out…

Who has an extra Xanax on hand? Anyone? Please? I might throw myself off a cliff before the week is out.

I will be the happiest SOB on the planet come 1pm on Thursday. Before that, i’m the nervous sweaty girl who can’t think straight or focus on a darn thing. Stay away…stay far far away.


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