Have ya’ll heard of this place? It’s a giant, giant, GIANT, store filled with way too many options and clothes. But, if you take the time and dig deep, you can find some goods.

Apparently, it’s big in Japan, and they have them all over just like a Macy’s. This weekend in NYC was the first time I ever went in one…and we nearly got lost. More than once. It is HUGE. But, P and I found a lil slice of heaven in their “linen room“…yes…a room just for their linen clothes.

I picked up a sleeveless collared shirt and a denimy type summer dress that I’m really stoked to wear when it gets warmer. They sell a bunch of not so great, barely their clothes, but if you take the time and snoop around, there are sales and great deals to be found, specially for you dapper young men out there, collared and oxford shirts galore.

Check it out!


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