We’ll 26. You were solid. Now you are over. and it’s time for 27 to take over and show me what it’s got in store for me. I’m thinking big things, but not too big…i’m still recovering from 26. Now starts the 1.5 months of me being the cougar in our marriage…cmon June 12.

My bday weekend started when I was 26 and 364 days old, out with a bang…not too shabby.

I’m a creature of habit, serious habits. I’ve sat in the same seat in almost all of my classes even without seating charts, I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday (with some substitutions for cereal for oatmeal, but rarely do I stray from these), I unpack my work bag and set up my station in the same order every day…it’s bad. The same goes for bdays.

The last few years, birthdays for me= NYC for my broadway fix one day, dinner with family in frederick the next or sometime soon after. This year= the same. SO far this ritual has been good to me, this year, the same.

This year, P and I woke up before the sun and sped up 95 to my little haven in the big city. We strolled around, ate lots of food, hung out at the NFL draft for a bit (round 2 of this), ate me some magnolia cupcakes and settled in for 2.5 hours of musical comedy with Matthew Broderick and Kelli O’hara. My thoughts on the show? Fantastic, hilarious, kathleen marshall’s choreography is amazing yet again (just give her the Tony now), and Kelli O’hara is the sweetest little song bird on the stage. Matthew did not disappoint, however…if you’ve seen one MB performance, I think you’ve seen them all…it’s Leopold Bloom but this time instead of a mousey, spineless CPA he’s a spoiled, incredibly stupid, rich play boy who falls in love with a bootlegger. He’s still amazing with some of the best comic timing around, but he is a one note kinda guy…lucky for me I like the note he plays :). Still, hilarious, funny, with a lot of Gershwin on the side…SEE IT. And i’m gonna need that cast album…like…yesterday.

Today, the day of my actual arrival into this world. I spent it just the way I wanted, with family, the pup, and red velvet cake. These are a few of my favorite things for sure. Gracie face took her first car trip since the trip home up to my parentals house in maryland. She puked in the car, but don’t worry folks…she cleaned it up herself…yes…she ate it…what are ya gonna do? At least she’s tidy about it 🙂

(that’s my dad…only happy with his shoes off and feet soaking in a tub of water or a fire pit…he’s not picky :P)

What does 27 have in store for me? I’m eager to find out. Here’s hoping to a less stressful, hectic year than 26 was…you wore me out.

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  1. MP says:

    And the amazing serenade of HBD in Italian….

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