Dearest Grace Face.

Which is what we are calling you these days. “Grace Face”, “Gracie Facie”, “Butthead”, “Pup Pup”, “Pupster”…im amazed you know your name is gracie at all with all the terms of endearment we have for you right now :).

You certainly are an assertive, adventurous, outspoken little creature. You are not afraid of anything. For about a minute we thought we had a training tool with a jar of coins…but…you got over your fear of that REALLY quickly. Just yesterday you finally figured out how to get on the couch all by yourself…to say you are growing fast would be an understatement. Our little furry weed. You’ve double in size in the 4 weeks we have had you. DOUBLED.

You’re learning to play fetch and “Drop it”. You are attempting to figure out a way to have more than 1 ball in your mouth at a time…good luck with that one you greedy lil fur ball. You’ve got sit down to a science and even do it with just a point of a finger…props to me for teaching you that one. Next we are working on lay down and stay…learn this soon, k? You come inside like a champ these days. You love sticks and trot around with such pride whenever you have one in your mouth. However…you are the chewiest, nippiest pup I think to ever grace this planet little grace face. You know what you want and you go for it, even if it is our hands, feet, faces, etc. We can’t wait for you to get over this. No matter how many “no’s”, time outs, ignoring, shouts, claps, shnoze snaps, you just don’t care. For this, you are enjoying more crate time…don’t hate us for this later. Soon, you will be venturing out into the world and figuring out what it means to really walk on a leash…be good about this too. We’d appreciate that :).

I can’t believe you’ve been here 4 weeks already. It’s like you’ve been here the whole time. I don’t really remember what it’s like to sleep through the night without our little midnight trips and snuggles outside at 4am. But, I think you are here to train us for the future….whenever that may be. Nothing is better than coming home to your smiley snout and wagging tail. Even though you chew our hands, couch, tables, and wires…pops and i LOVE you times infinity.

You’re about to venture out into the world beyond your little home, the world might not be ready for you, but we are sure you are ready to take on the world…one nippy, lick at a time.

p.s i just caught you eating my headband i wore today….thanks for that…NOT

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