The first bath.

Was rocky.

Little furr face still carried the lovely smell of her welling box…along with a bunch of other not so great smells she has somehow picked up along the way. So, to solve this, we thought we’d give furr face a bath…

She basically hated it. Traumatized her. Not sure she’s trusted us since…but…at least you smell better eh gracie? Not sure she cares. Her breeder referred to her as a “tom boy pup” meaning she’s not one to take time out of her day to really “clean” herself up. This has proven true day after day.

I even used organic shampoo…and that still mattered nothing to the girl…hrmph

Look how tiny she is under all that fluff!

She rocked the crimpy, kinked 80s hair all night.

Gracie’s first bath

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  1. Lisa says:

    I love the “what the heck are you doing to me” look Gracie has during the bath video! Yall are a great momma and daddy pair!

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