The wait is over.

Little Gracie is finally home!!

We waited forever for you you little ball of fluff, and now you are home!

We drove down yesterday all the wall to Charlottesville to pick her up. It may have been one of the longest drives ever. Charlottesville isn’t even that far, but it felt like eternity.

We pulled up and as if we hadn’t waited long enough…we had to wait for the people before us to scurry on out of there before we could finally meet her!

But, we finally did!

Miss Purple. That is our pup. She had a purple ribbon around her neck and it all appeared to be too perfect. Purple for JMU, purple was our wedding color, and now purple for our pup….purple is also for royalty…which…we all know…i love. Miss purple is the newest member of our little family! Miss purple is now as ya’ll know Gracie, but we also have to think of an AKC name for her with the theme “Super” since she was born on Super Bowl sunday..

Top choices right now are (for me at least): Super Sassy, Super Chic, Super Soak Her, or  the one that just makes us laugh Super Salad (sounds like soup or salad…ha).

We are obsessed. 

She is furry, she is sweet, she still smells like a puppy box, but she’s just what we wanted!

The car ride home was…well..not so great on her lil stomach. She puked 8 times…8 people…8 times. Hopefully she gets over that soon.

She only slept when we she was at my feet, tucked all the way up under the dashboard.  She seems to like to wedge herself under furniture and in tight corners. Whatever works :).

Knowing that some puppies can cry all night long for the first few nights…I was pretty anxious to see how that would go. But, after a few minutes of yelping, girlfriend zonked right out. I’ll take it.

Our house is filled with “ack” sounds and baby talk, but I love it. She is precious and I can’t wait to watch this lil bundle of fur grow and grow and grow!

For now, i’m just happy to have this lil 9 pound ball of fur sleeping under our coffee table 🙂

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