Last day…

In Apt 610.

Doesn’t feel real yet.

It only feels real in that my apartment is a disaster. We have no food and there is just stuff everywhere. Completely not looking forward to moving this all out….oof. But alas, onward and upward.

Well 610…it’s been real.

You’ve been a nice first apartment. Even though I hate you. I hate how small you are, I hate how you always lose power when its just the tinniest bit windy, I hate my parking neighbor who is the worlds worst person. I hate bringing groceries home to you…because your elevators and the location of my parking spot are completely awful. I’m not a big fan of your neighbors. Some of them cook nasty food and some of them are nosey and weird. I hate that your mailman doesn’t pick up packages. But, besides all this…you’ve been fun and memorable…and I might…might miss you at times.


You were where we spent our first years as mr. and mrs. You housed a number of fun get togethers and potlucks. You were fun to decorate that first Christmas…even though you made getting rid of the tree obnoxious. You have a pretty sweet pool too, I’ll give you that. You’re in a pretty sweet location…I’ll miss being able to leave you and walk down to old town for yummy grubbin and shopping.


But, in the end. This is goodbye, definitely not see ya later because that would freak the new tenants out, but goodbye. May you curse the next homeowners with power outages and annoying smells just as you affectionately did for us :).

Cheers to you 610.

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