Week 12.

Better late than never? Meh.

This weekend we celebrated our friends Lisa and Brandon getting married with a shower. Lisa’s not just my friend, she’s my grand little, and for those from the sorority way of life, that means she’s family.

However, it feels a bit odd to still refer to her as my grand little outside of sorority life, but I can’t figure out how else to describe it :). She’s not just a friend, she’s more than that to me. I’m only a year older than her, but was 2 pledge classes above her, making her my grand-wee-one, making me the old one. There was always that strong urge to look out for your sorority family, to keep your eye on them, make sure they’re not getting into trouble…and they also help get YOU out of trouble when you do stupid things as their older and wiser big…oops. But, they’re special people whom I still look out for today (although from a far).

I never had to look out for Lisa though. She has it together.  She’s wiser than me, she’s nicer than me, she’s sweeter than me, she’s a lot of things more than me. She’s just the best. So even though I’ve been out of college almost 5 years now, I still call her my grand little…even if that’s weird to the average person, it still just means she’s family to me, so back off biyah’s :).

Pleasant weather we are having isn’t it?? 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love that the ACC tournament is on in the background of the first picture…

    1. lcmerchant says:

      Ha…had to throw the guys a little something… 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    you are the cutest GB- and you do look out for and take care of me & teach me great recipes! thanks for documenting our celebration, you are so talented!

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