I need new glasses.

I’ve had the same pair for well over 10 years. The Rx is wrong. One of the nose cushion thingies fell off years ago. They are wobbly and stretched. They are a mess. I only wear them at home, which is sad for my eyes because they are trapped behind contacts all the time because i hate my glasses.

Well well well, I just came across something that might get me to buy new glasses. My MnL let me in on a little eye wear secret last night. It’s like TOMs but for eyes. It’s Warby Parker. And they send you 5 FREE glass frames to your house to try on…don’t like them? send them back to try on some more! Like some? Wanna buy them? They are only 95 bucks for everything and they send a pair to someone who really needs them! Double the winnings.

I’ve got 5 sweet pairs coming to my house for me to try on at home. I’ll let ya know how it goes!

I dig it.

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