The graduation effect.

It’s in full effect today. Ya know that feeling during graduation when you look back and you get super nostalgic and think about only the good times and you think how you don’t want to leave? But in reality, you can’t wait to leave and move on.

Feeling that today. P and I are moving outta Old town and our tiny little place in 4 short weeks. I’m getting a little sad. This was our first place and I really do love living in Old town…most of the time…(except for when our power always goes out, the traffic, how far away it is, the crazy construction, our tiny place, not having a dog…). We are super excited to move into a bigger place, knowing that we can do WHATEVER we want and not have to worry with landlords and won’t have to smell what our neighbors are cooking or smoking. But, I’ll miss being able to just walk down to old town in a matter of seconds…

This place apartment drives me nuts. Everday. But, I have a soft spot for you Old town. Keep in touch.

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