The worlds biggest drama queen.

Is me. Didnt you know that?

This month…its as if everything has just not gone my way. But it doesn’t matter. I pretty much pout and flip out over the littlest things. How so you ask?

Oh an example. I can give you thousands. Like the time I pouted and cried because I was out of contacts and didnt want to make an appointment to see the eye doc, I just wanted my contacts (this wasnt that long ago…im a child) Or how about lets talk about what just happened….

So, im attempting to graduate in the spring, in order to do that I need to complete what my school calls a “culminating experience” aka a research project of some sort. Well, in order to do this, I needed to subimt for IRB approval (a stupid paper process that “protects” research subjects and drives me nuts). This takes awhile. I thought I was ahead of the curve in submitting it back at the end of January. Yay me. Ha. Apparently gmail had other wishes. The email never went through. Found this out today. So do I think rationally? Course not, i pout and fuss about how im not going to finish and i wont graduate…(sorry P). That I wont have enough time and blah blah blah…you get the drift.

Fast forward to my teacher telling me I can move forward without it anyways as long as I don’t publish…which I wasn’t going to anyways….so…really…no harm done at all.

Moral of the story. I’m an idiot.

I need a drink.

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