Week 8.

Woof. Is february over yet? Seriously. I got things to take care of this spring and id like it to just be over, k thanks.

This week? Boring. This weekend? I spent my saturday with a dimply little 5 month old followed by 5 solid hours of watching Breaking bad. Nothing will help you wind down more on a weekend then hour after hour of meths and drug busts and murders. I tell ya.

Sunday? figuring out our new living situation along with the season finale of Downton…so sad its over…so glad those two stubborn lil brits finally got their act together. Aren’t watching?…not sure why are you waiting, you have 15 gut wrenching episodes to catch up on by next September. Get to it. Don’t let the fact that its on PBS sway you…there is some raunchy stuff…phew. And theres Maggie Smith…nuff said. Seriously…go now.

Me in action.


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